"Rustlin' Russ"
Russ Lewark, master of the washtub bass, keeps the "bottom end" of the trio together, as well as sharing the vocalist position. Russ also plays terrific fingerpickin' guitar, on many of the band's Ragtime, Blues and Jug Band numbers.

"Doctor B"
He can also be heard playing the musical saw and horns from time to time. Les has been writing and singing Hawaiian and Jug Band tunes for nearly thirty-years.

"Double D"
Dana Duplan is the group's virtuoso lap steel and lead guitar player. As a young kid learning to play the guitar, Dana cut his musical teeth on Western Swing, Blues and Rockabilly. In addition to being a songster, Dana is also the band's historian and musicologist.

About jug bands

The creativity of people has led to the invention of the jug band music. With homemade instruments, relaxing sounds and various styles, there is no wonder that this music has become one of the most appreciated genres. Listen to the lovely rhythms on your holiday trip, dance with your loved ones and explore the multiple sides of this music style. Let its happy feeling fill your soul and find pleasure in every tiny aspect of your life.

Since the 1920s, the jug band music has developed and inspired many styles such as country, jazz, blues, rock and more. The jolly sounds were born in Kentucky, from improvised guitars and mandolins with large gourds. The tune came from a whiskey jug which was kept at a distance of an inch from the lips of the singer who buzzed. The accompaniment was mainly formed with different utensils from around the house.

Whether you like peaceful melodies for your tropical vacation, or you need a mood enhancer, add the Kahuna Cowboys Jug band’s tracks to your playlist and you will entertain even the most pretentious escorts from http://www.eros.com. Not only will they dance or sing along with the band, but they will also love the cheerful atmosphere it creates. Spend magical moments in the company of the Kahuna Cowboys’ music and feel more alive with every beat.

As the culture firstly appeared among the poor African-Americans, the music was used as a recreation that required minimal investment. Today, artists still use their low-cost personal creations. From ceramic to glass or plastic jugs and various cans, they can make quality music with the most ordinary things made from different materials. Some players use vocals with stovepipes and didgeridoo. The jug emits mid and lower harmonies and usually mixes blues with jazz tones.

There is nothing more exciting for a spectator than the interaction with the artist. For every jug band, the performance it is more than a repertoire of music pieces that are sung on the stage. It is about the show they do for people of all ages and the positive attitude they instill in their fans with every note. From jokes to stories and tropical tunes, you will be amazed of the great impact the singers have on you. Let the energetic melodies teleport you from your apartment in the urban jungle of the city to the tropical islands. Close your eyes and imagine the breeze that caresses your skin. Go to a jug band show and savor each moment of the memorable experience. Bring your family or friends with you and feel charged for the following week with the incredible energy. You can sing along, clap with the audience and dance until your feet hurt.

The jug bands offer its listeners one of the best means for relaxation. You can change your negative thoughts and get the stress out of your system after a long day at your job. No matter if you watch a performance on your vacation, you play a CD inside your car, or you gaze at the sunset, the jug band music is a treasure for everyone. Explore the fun side of music and enjoy every day of the year!